Wooden Memory Match Stick

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This game can help to improve baby’s three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive and stimulate the baby’s curiosity at her or his early age.

 COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: At the young age, the game can enhance your child’s brain. It improves IQ, raises bonding with parents, and makes their brains accurate. It also prevents them to depend on gadgets.

FOR ALL AGES: The memory chess game keeps your brain snappy and active, this prevents memory decline and other relevant health issues. A game for all members in the family, grandparents, kids and parents!

SMOOTH WOOD MATERIAL: Made of safe wooden material and non-toxic water paint, allow you to use with reassurance. With painted smooth surface layer.


Place all pawns randomly on the chessboard upside down.

Take a few seconds to memorize where the colors are placed on the chessboard.

Throw the dice and find out which color to look for.

Pick as many identical colored pawns as you can on the chessboard (4 per color)

Package contains 1 wooden chessboard and 24 colored pawns (6 different colors x 4 pieces of each)

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