Thermal Leopard Print Self-Heating Pet Bed

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Ideal spot for warmth-seeking cats or small dogs. Are you looking for perfect warm and cozy bed for your feline to nap the day away? Go no further. Our thermal cat mat is designed to keep cats warm and comfortable without the use of electricity. The lightweight core reflects your pet's own body heat back to them, providing a toasty place to lounge no matter the temperature outside!

This self-heating pet bed isn't only for cats. You can also use it for kittens, aging pets, nursing females, or animals recovering from illness or injury; giving them the absolute decadent comfort they need.


Thermal mat keeps cats and small dogs comfy as they rest

Lightweight core reflects pets’ body heat to warm them without electricity

Durable construction withstands clawing and chewing

Fun leopard print design

What's in the Box? Thermal Leopard Print Self-Heating Pet Bed

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