Spoon Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display

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Spoon Digital Kitchen Scale with LCD Display

With this LCD digital kitchen scale you will become a fantastic cook! Be precise when cooking or baking, don't overdo the spices.
This digital spoon scale allows you to measure solid and liquid ingredients. It is designed with a digital LCD display to show you the weight accurately. The digital kitchen scale comes with three detachable spoons of different capacities. This digital scale spoon also features control buttons and four units of measurement (g, oz, gn, ct).

- Digital measuring spoon for kitchen use
- With an LCD display to show the weight accurately
- High precision sensors provide reliable results
- The scale spoon turns off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity
- Use it to measure salt, sugar, spices, tea and so on
- It is perfect for professional cooks and amateurs
- Stainless steel handle with removable ABS spoons

- The LCD display shows 0.1g to 500g max.
- Measurement accuracy: 0.1g
- Units: gram, ounce, grain, carat
- Spoon capacity: 180ml (L), 45ml (M), 25ml (S)
- Power supply: 2x AAA batteries (NOT included )
- Dimensions: 232mm x 30mm x 17mm

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