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Special surveillance in your home

HD and Wireless Security Camera

HD video and perfect sound

Day and night recording with motion detection

Surveillance camera

From today with the new Security Cam surveillance camera, you can always check what happens. You will be able to leave the house without ever losing sight of it, control multiple areas of the house by placing surveillance cameras in every corner of the house: between books, pillows but also on top of the shelf because it is really easy to hide.

Special surveillance

Starlyf Security Cam, the wireless security camera that protects your home easily and at any time of the day. It is the only video surveillance camera suitable for both indoor and outdoor with different features. High image quality, motion sensitivity and high sensitivity microphone.

The components of the security camera

Check what happens when you have workers in the house, if you leave your children alone with the babysitter or to identify thieves entering the house. Its high quality components offer the performance of a professional camera, HD recording, six infrared LED lights for night recording and a 140 ° field of view , twice that of a normal surveillance camera.

Spectacular features

Equipped with a motion sensor, it detects and records any movement. Automatic rewrite system. Operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week . Shockproof system. Continuous recording even if from the ground. USB connection to download images to the computer. Security Cam is equipped with a 360º articulated arm, useful for any occasion


HD and Wireless Security Camera

One button operation

Day and night recording with motion detection


Hide it wherever you want and it will record anything

HD video and perfect sound

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