Kettlebell Fitness Da 4kg In Pvc con Sabbia E Maniglia Anti Sfregamento

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Kettlebell is the ideal tool for a balanced, progressive and effective strengthening of all muscle groups. We must also add a remarkable ease of use for sessions at home

Easy to handle, this tool lends itself to many exercises, depending on whether you want to train the upper body, or more specifically the legs and buttocks.

This ease of use is optimized by an ergonomic grip: it can be used with one or two hands. Its reduced profile and compact lines also make it a tool that can be used without having large spaces in the house. Another plus of the kettlebell: it's rock solid, and the rubber base absorbs shock on surfaces.

Training with a kettlebell allows you to train all the muscles of the body. The different exercises performed using this weight, allow a simultaneous effort of different motor muscles, with a consequent increase in explosiveness, strength, flexibility and balance. These various exercises also allow for a significant cardiovascular commitment, resulting in an increase in metabolic conditions, and greater fat loss.


It has a smooth anti-rubbing handle or (friction) in the most intense exercises. The interior is made of sand to give the weight and anti-corrosion, anti-chipping and anti-noise paint.

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