Foam rollers for Massage, Fitness, Yoga, Gym, Pilat

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It is made entirely of foam for greater comfort and is lightweight and portable to use anywhere.

Use the Foam roller before a workout to improve performance or after, to reduce recovery time and protect yourself from injury. Relieves pain, contractures and muscle tension. rolling the roller on the muscles and loosening the contractures, acting on the trigger points that can develop after a workout. is foam having a hollow plastic core and a foam grid surface for a deeper and more penetrating myofascial release. Like an expert masseur, the contoured surface loosens and relieves even the most contracted and hard muscle knots.

Using the Roller on the muscles increases the flow of blood and oxygen in the targeted area, roller has been designed using EVA, a type of foam solid enough to allow for a deep muscle massage, without being too hard when rolling on the muscles. Instead of degrading over time, EVA retains its shape even after heavy use.

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