Car LED Strobe Light Bulbs 0.5W

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Main features

2-in-1 Line Design: These car led lights have a convenient 2-in-1 line design that gives you the flexibility to install the lights in any car. the interior lights of the car that each of the two power lines has two light strips. strong adhesive attached to the back of the light strips and the cables can be easily hidden makes it easy to securely fix the light strips anywhere you want.

3 simple control approaches: the interior of the car led strip lights can be controlled by 3 approaches: a. remote control, b. "ehome light" app for android or iphone, c. simple controller. this car lights the interior that you can remotely control by remote control, the app control interface is intuitive and you can use to stick the simple controller in a convenient position, making sure its use does not interfere with safe driving.

Various Different Music Modes: The high-sensitivity microphone built into the lighting kit will adjust the lighting effects to suit your musical style. led lights will change colors to the beat of the music, adding fun and excitement to your driving.

Multi-colors: Each of the rgb led light strips has a choice of 8 colors which can be used with the mobile app to create up to 16 million colors. colors can be constantly on, fade, strobe or change color while playing music. the colors can also be changed using the voice control of your mobile app.

Simple and Safe: The lights are powered by a waterproof 12v car charger with surge protection and an absolutely child-safe memory function. only two simple steps are required to complete the setup on first use.

 Codice IP: IP67

Materiale: ABS

Voltaggio in entrata (V): 12~24

Temperatura di colore (k): 6000-6500

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