Adjustable Gym Dumbbells - 50 KG Set

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Is the ideal tool for a balanced, progressive and effective strengthening of all muscle groups, We must also add a remarkable ease of use for sessions at home.
The 50kg set features discs and an extendable bar to transform dumbbells into barbells.Unlike fixed load dumbbells, the adjustable set allows you to vary the weight according to the exercise to be performed this property allows you to train different muscle groups such as back, chest, shoulders, biceps, lunges for the legs and much more ...
The handlebars are made of a 316 stainless steel bar and have a nut of the same material which, by screwing it at the end, ensures complete safety during exercise. Nut closure is much safer than spring closure.
The discs, on the other hand, are made of chromed iron with high corrosion resistance and have an antioxidant property.
SET 50 KG consisting of: 4 discs of 5kg; 4 discs of 2.5 kg + 6 discs of 1.25 kg + 6 of 0.5 kg + 2 handlebars of 2.25 kg + 2 handlebars of 2.5 kg extension.

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